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One hundred eleven proposes strategic solutions regardless of scale; promoting the development and quality of life of the Society.


We offer on each proposal a Vanguard added value interpreting the unique meaning of each space


We generate integral proposals with multidisciplinary approaches in order to reach a complete development and respect the individual's aspirational dream.


The project delivers an ideal controlled environment of tranquility and coexistence, designed as a welcoming landscape vegetation successive terraces that connect the houses. In the outside it was sought to maintain the character of the whole without penalizing greater individuality possible in spaces.

The construction material is recyclable and its modular construction system reduces 40% the time of construction. It was proposed a set of 30 small apartments set out an average of 32 square meters. They have a desk, 2 stacked beds, wardrobe, own kitchen, bathroom with shower, living room and two external terraces. It has many open spaces as it provides a stream of visitors.

The whole structure consists of three modules formed by space steel frames on which the façade and roof slabs will be placed.
Porches will be settled with steel structural rectangular tubes. The column-beam joints and beam joints will be recessed. All pillars will be articulated on its base. To facilitate transportation and assembly, the beams will be fragmented.

SPORT RESORT proposes to mix the world of amateur cycling with professionals and semipros, promoting to the public cycling. By means of a proposal that promotes sports, health, leisure and tourism. In Mexico DF the constructions of cycle paths are boycotted by protests of neighbors, drivers and government. Pollution is another major factor. Mountain bikers are threatened by animals and insecurity. The project was designed with the idea of combining comfort, security and architectural innovation.

The towers are connected to a velodrome and cycle paths. The project takes advantage of the light with the inclusion of domes. At night when going along the track there are several holes which create a unique arrhythmic light on the facade. These effect was achieved through a shell that goes all through the velodrome capturing panoramic images. Located in Teques, Mexico within an environment characterized by water sports, in addition to a sunken attraction to which SR will have access to.

Video Credits: 111arq, Sport Resort, 2013. Music composer: Orchestra Calavera, Intro, unknown.

REEF HOUSE is a low-cost housing because of the use of recycled materials that come from the region, implementing a new construction system (simple assembly). It is Ideal because it tackles current needs and a future outlook: the issue of space and costs, to meet individual and family needs. (Couples, families and even sports or regular tourism).

Seeks to have sustainable housing as much as possible, because of the simplicity of the construction process is capable to be built by people without prior knowledge. It is a challenge, which sought to implement the technology Sea-Crete bringing it to a level of simplicity thanks to a modular and economic proposal seeking greater flexibility at the lowest cost. 8000 usd per house. Housing facilities are equipped with hot water through a sustainable system by means of a grid of black pipes. 

Video Credits: 111arq, Reef House, 2015. Music composer: Isabel, La amenaza de Shiva, unknown. license to use TONOPRO Music N° AN-201500000366

INTERPRETATION CENTER MINING PORTOVELO. Creating an interpretation center to value the miner historical past of Portovelo to safeguard the mining heritage; It will become the main tool to convey the beginnings of mining knowledge of the location to promote a new form of tourism.

The mechanical and industrial era replaced the landscape of Portovelo and filled it with infrastructure creating a new social, economic and spatial order.

Through an architectural design it is generated a tour by the ruins, equipped with low-cost interactive spaces; in order to create in users authentic sensations where they can see the history of the place.

The project rescues culture and working memory; The history focuses on gold, one of the natural resources most coveted by man.

The goal is to become the economical, social and cultural development engine, potentiating the local economy.


Faith is not exempt of reasoning and the construction that is respectfully introduced, aims to congrégate harmonically diverse groups of people with the same belief being priority, the perception and individual and integral sensitivity of everyone.

On its architectural development the main events in the life of Jesus of Nazareth were observed, including the principal focus to his transfiguration to divinity and the sacred heart of Jesus. We integrate materials that seek the seriousness and austerity, but in turn represent the majesty and divinity of the site. From endless lines the flash of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and his infinite faith from Earth to heaven are represented.
At the same time, seeks to be defined in front of the society as a whole that provides shelter on its solidity, before the attainable faith by the protector.


Cabin in case of earthquakes, floods, natural disasters, tsunami; Able to adapt to two positions depending on the strength of the outside sinister, padded to avoid injuries. Location GPS connected to a seismic alert in addition to backup system alert. The shape resembles to a capsule which in addition to distribute the impacts, it is anthropometrically suitable, has a found reinforcement, similar to an assembly that will prevent the concentration of the impact on a single point. 

The difference of this project is the easy adaptability to every environment in addition to the analysis of each specific circumstance in the world and its different form of rescue, in which improvements were observed and can be implemented both in security and anthropometry. Safeguarding its occupier against mass of water, debris, flashes of electricity